(Lewes, DE)— Yes Bobbleheads recently announced news of their inventory expansion plan. In an effort to maintain their status as the ultimate online destination for custom bobblehead dolls, the company is planning to release several new doll models each week throughout the entirety of 2017. Those who are interested in keeping up with Yes Bobbleheads’ newest releases can check for them weekly on the company’s website at

“Simply put, bobblehead dolls are hard to beat as a souvenir or novelty gift,” said Brad Walker of Yes Bobblehead. “Not only are they fun to play with, but they’re perfect for a variety of occasions, including weddings, graduations, anniversaries, retirement parties, and even Bar Mitzvahs. Our highly skilled artists will fully replicate even the most detailed facial features when scuplting the bobbleheads, resulting in a final product that is as close to lifelike resemblance as anyone can get.”

Yes Bobbleheads’ offers customers a wide range of customization options. Their team has the unique ability to adapt any part of the bobblehead doll, changing colors, clothes, and even developing full bespoke figurine designs as per the customer’s requirements. Their ordering process is simple, and intuitive. All customers need to do is log on to to choose their doll style, upload their photos, select any extra features they would like, and then place their order.

Walker went on to say “We have supplied tens of thousands of bobbleheads statues to newlyweds, retirees, birthday boys and girls, and many others looking for a way to celebrate a special time in their life. Still, we could not be more excited about continuing to showcase our team’s innovative spirit by releasing new models each week this year. We love serving our customers, and being able to deliver custom bobblehead dolls that wow and delight them definitely helps us keep our creativity alive.”

Visit to learn more about Yes Bobbleheads and keep up with the company’s exclusive new releases.

About Yes Bobbleheads:

Yes Bobbleheads is a US-based e-commerce company focusing on creating various custom bobbleheads with premium quality and affordable prices. Their mission is to provide their customers the best online shopping experience as they are seeking something that’s full of fun for both themselves and their loved ones. Yes Bobbleheads provides their worldwide customers a huge selection of interesting custom bobblehead items including wedding cake toppers, superman custom bobbleheads, office custom bobbleheads, game player custom bobbleheads, and more.


Yes Bobbleheads Expands Store Inventory With New Doll Models