Why Your Skincare Should Be Edible?

Whilst there’s a developing focus of the need to use natural and natural ingredients on our pores and skin, at Edible Beauty our gold general for purity is a “safe to eat” components listing.

As the founding father of Edible Beauty Australia, I experience so strongly approximately our merchandise being “edible” that I pledge that “if you would not put in your mouth, we would not place it in our products.” As a naturopath, I created the Edible Beauty variety even as working at a fertility hospital. I became recommending that in addition to changes to their food and lifestyle workouts, my patients make changes to their non-public care products. I became greatly surprised to locate that there had been only a few alternatives available for skincare products that had been “safe to eat” and that have been pricey and healing. As a result, I launched into creating healing, wildcrafted, botanical and suitable for eating skin care line.


One of the common traps we may fall into when thinking about natural merchandise is that they are natural—organic does now not make a product fit to be eaten but. In fact, many natural products may additionally incorporate artificial chemical compounds, fragrances and preservatives in conjunction with natural botanical extracts. Our merchandise is made with pure, wildcrafted ingredients that are also fit for human consumption.

This means that not simplest is our merchandise free of the same old nasties—sulfates, parabens, phthalates etc.—they’re additionally freed from benzyl alcohol, fragrances, propylene glycol, all preservatives, colourations, synthetics and any aspect that you would no longer recognize or discover to your meals. Every component in our products is pure and botanical, and proper sufficient to devour.

Being fit for human consumption does not imply that we compromise on the therapeutic movements of our skin care variety. In fact, the regenerating, recovery and anti-getting old benefits of our skin care are greater thru the inclusion of hydrating, antioxidant, nutrient and mineral-rich botanical extracts.

Like the alternative organs in our body, the skin exudes youthful power and radiance while it harmoniously absorbs the living vitamins and diffused strength from nourishing toxin-free food and pores and skin care. To buy no harmful chemicals makeup, Buy Light organics Products!

Why Your Skincare Should Be Edible ?