Reasons Why Video Games are for All Technological advancements today have reached the video game industry. And this is seen through the many kinds of video games available. The games may vary according to the category, game play and interaction. But it’s also common to find a certain game that may have similarities with another. Find out how the similar games are actually played. The video games today can actually be separated among three kinds of genres. Read below and find out about these: 1. Let us start with the action video games, which is referred to as the most famous genre these days. And the reason why this is famous is because of the fact that its considered as the most basic type of gaming. During the play, the player has to make use of his or her reflex capacity. You may have noticed that there is a growing trend in action video games today – and that is the creation of video games based on well-known action movies of all times. The best thing about these video games are the graphics – expect bright, neon colors and striking animation and designs. The game has to satisfy the players who have seen the movie and are aware of the quality it has. Best of all, what is an action video game without the wild use of the controls – something that can add excitement to the already breathtaking and real-life graphics to it.
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2. An adventure video game is the next category and at some point, this is said to consist similar characteristics from the action genre. The most popular games in this category are those that have whimsical adventures and wit at the same time. There should be certain twists in the story combined with characters that are memorable and very interesting.
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3. Lastly, there are games that involve “races”. The goal of the game is to drive to the finish line in the least amount of time while over-taking other race car drivers – the winner is the driver who gets to the end. Racing games before were very simple and easy, as compared to modern racing games that are more complex. And the best part is the fact that there are almost 35 game modes to choose from – this is probably the best feature of the modern racing video games. 4. But wait, there is still another option for video games in the form of the Role Playing Games or better known as the RPG. The popularity of these games and the enjoyment it offers the players has made into one of the most revolutionary advancements in the gaming industry.

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