Many Americans spend their entire working lives saving up for moves to warm, balmy climates. Traditionally this meant buying a home in Florida, California, or Hawaii. However, in recent years many young-at-heart, adventurous seniors have begun retiring to merida mexico. They are attracted to the affordable, laid-back lifestyle, exotic locale, and new experiences. The area also offers benefits that include:

LIFESTYLE: Mexico enjoys a rich history, dozens of attractions, and wonderful restaurants. Mayan cooking includes a vast array of dishes that feature unique spices. Some foods are still cooked in fire pits in the ground, and the native fruits and vegetables provide healthy eating options. Yucatan residents can enjoy world-class fishing, Mayan history, cable cars, beaches, parks, and more. Regional weather is similar to Florida’s, with dry, pleasant winters and wet, balmy, summers.

HOUSING: The prices of Yucatan housing varies widely, and depends on where retirees choose to live. They can find homes near the beach, close to jungles, and in more urban areas. Home buyers who speak Spanish and have researched available housing are very likely to find properties that make living in Merida budget friendly. Many homes also feature charming, original features and a Spanish influence.

BEAUTY: The Yucatan area of Mexico is noted for its lush vegetation and year-round blooms. Jungles, country landscapes and miles of beaches have made it a trendy vacation spot and a wonderful place to retire.

HEALTH CARE: Mexico provides an excellent plan that makes health care accessible and affordable for seniors. The Yucatan includes a range of excellent clinics, dental practices, hospitals, and medical practitioners.

CULTURE: Many people retire to Merida because they are drawn to its rich culture and history, as well as beautiful architecture. The area offers an abundance of music festivals, art, theater, markets, films, fiestas, and even bullfights. Residents will find stimulating and interesting lecture series, fairs, expos, and holiday events. The area is also home to historic cathedrals and temples.

Many retirees are considering moving to Merida, Mexico, because they want to enjoy its beauty, culture, and laid-back lifestyle. The area can also be a very affordable retirement destination, and provides excellent health care.

Why Seniors are Retiring to Merida Mexico