The Best Self Defense Mechanisms A free and comfortable life of an individual is guaranteed by security measures. Security of an entire society is driven by an individual’s effort to stay safe. However attacks may occur abruptly and find an individual unprepared. Attacks can be thorough and may cause a great risk to an individual’s life. Resisting attack by use of various techniques is an essential self-defense technique. It is vital for an individual to be well prepared both physically and psychologically to handle such attacks. Majority of the states in the world have embraced self-defense mechanisms. There are several forms of defense mechanisms.Self-defense as a security strategy is diverse in nature. The security of an individual is guaranteed when self-defense mechanisms are embraced. One of the types of self-defense mechanisms is the physical self-defense. Individuals who confront their attackers by using their physical strength are well equipped with physical self-defense techniques. This force can either be armed or unarmed. The level of preparedness of an individual before an attack determines the effectiveness of their self-defense skills. Unarmed self-defense involves a high level of skill know-how. The styles that are used for self-defense are learned from martial arts. Other styles that are used in combat sports are applicable for an individual to practice self-defense. Combat training skills equip an individual with proper unarmed self-defense skills that make it possible for individuals to stay safe. Individuals are also able to break away from punches hurled towards them by their attackers. This training also teaches an individual to attack back the attacker. Self-defense that allows an individual to carry around weapons is known as armed self-defense. Individuals that used weapons as a means of self-defense should have enough experience to be more effective. There are many varieties of tools that individuals that an individual can use for self-defense. Tools such as hair spray aerosol cans, key rings are modified to serve as self-defense tools.
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An individuals’ security is also achieved through mental preparedness. Mental self-defense complements the physical defense. Mental self-defense involves the self-composure of an individual to confront an attacker in case of a violent encounter. The readiness of an individual to courageously maneuver through an attack is a very important self-defense technique.
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Avoidance technique. Avoidance techniques involve individuals keeping off from risky and dangerous environs. Sometimes it is difficult for individuals to have prior details on the occurrence of attacks. This makes it necessary for individuals to have a sharp mind that reads the attackers intentions and moves making it possible to practice breaking away techniques. This technique aims at making an individual escape from the scene of attack without any harm. The use of personal alarms is an effective self-defense mechanism. Personal alarms enable individuals to practice passive self-defense. Alarms make disturbing noises to create attention from people making it easier for individuals to be safe without engaging in physical actions. The attackers in most cases tend to flee for safety from angry mobs and police authorities.

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