Understanding the Effective Uses of Singing Bowls There actually are so many things that have been a part of our world for thousands of years and singing bowls are one of them and what makes them live with us until the modern era is because of how they are used to charge up positive energy but the catch is that the process will not be the same as the rest since they will greatly depend on the goal and purpose of the user. These singing bowls are actually alloy of metals that are found to correspond or related to the seven characteristics of chakras that are capable of opening blocked energy of other specific chakras to be able to cure such diseases or disorder. The entire concept of how singing bowls work actually are unique since they will be needed to be placed on top of the body of the person or the specific body part where the illness comes from when they are used so that the resonated sound waves can travel to the person’s body to open and send the specific type of chakra to cure the illness. The method of healing used is already an astonishing result from using singing bowls but aside from that, it is also used in other types of treatment such as curing other ailments and what is far greater about the curing method is that it will definitely be possible to still use the healing method even if the individual is far from the user. Although it is justifiable that people who invest in singing bowls use it for healing purposes, still, there are a great number of individuals who decide to use singing bowls to charge up people’s emotions and charge up the positive energies of various objects. Making this possible is somewhat justifiable since sound is considered to be a powerful medium that is capable of transferring such energies from one object to another.
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Health related concerns are just a small slice in a pie because according to history, the Ancient Tibetan Shamans use singing bowls to transfer not just energies but also use this powerful tool to transfer powerful intentions, emotions and even wishes.
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How the singing bowl is used is rather simple because all that one should do is to place the item or the wish they have written on paper in the bowl and they should then be charged according to the rhythm struck, thus, making the wishes to potentially come true. There are even practitioners who use photographs of people they want to get cured and place them inside the singing bowl and as soon as the bowl is struck, the sounds resonating inside should charge the person in the photograph although if there is a specific part of the body that needs to be healed, using the right metals will be needed as well to make it effective. According to ancient teachings, people who have good karma are the only ones capable of producing pleasant sounds.

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