With the winter season approaching, it’s essential to have the right heating system to warm your home. Using a defective furnace to heat the air in your home can result in dangerously low temperatures. If your current furnace is not working right, decide whether you need a new furnace for a laird and son furnace installation before the heating season arrives. Use the following guidelines to help make this decision.

The last move you should make is to install a new furnace simply because you don’t like the looks of your present one or the location it’s in. Instead, base your decision on sound factors such as the fuel efficiency, the cost of fuel, and the quantity of energy needed to keep indoor air at 65 degrees.

There are many types of fuel different furnaces use for power. Depending on your type of furnace, fuel may be a leading factor. For instance, the price of natural gas varies a lot in today’s world. Add up the costs of your bills for the past few years. Divide this dollar amount by the total units of fuel you used. This should give you the price you paid per unit of fuel. Compare this to the original cost of your furnace plus any expenses spent on it such as maintenance and repair costs.

Another factor to consider is fuel efficiency. This is the ability of a furnace to obtain usage from the fuel it uses. Simply put, if you have a current furnace with a low fuel efficiency, you will need more fuel to get the same amount of work from your current furnace than a furnace with a higher fuel efficiency requires. It may be worth it to spend a few hundred extra dollars on a furnace that offers 15% to 20% more fuel efficiency than your current one.

Finally, you will have to factor in how much you use warm air. If you prefer a cooler home, you will not use your furnace as much. You can opt for a furnace with a lower price or stick with your current one.

Buying a new furnace is a major investment. By using common sense and taking your time, you can find one that meets your financial and personal needs.

When to Get a New Furnace