When hiring a cleaning company to clean your home, you need to be aware of what to expect. Companies offer different types of services for your home. It is important for you to know what services are available, so you can decide which ones you will hire the company for.

  • Most cleaning companies are going to provide you with general cleaning chores. This means the basics of your home will be cleaned. Routine or general cleaning includes thoroughly cleaning your bathrooms and kitchen. All of your surfaces are dusted, the floors are, swept, mopped or vacuumed and the beds are made. This type of service is typically carried out once a week, though some homeowners prefer to have them done more or less often. If you want further services, you will need to hire the company for deep cleaning.
  • Deep cleaning services may include cleaning your fridge, stove, windows and other areas not included in general cleaning services. You will be able to negotiate the services you want carried out by the company when you hire them. It is imperative you are very clear on your expectations and have the services you expect in writing. Make sure you read through the contract and know exactly what services you are paying for and what the company’s policy is if you are not satisfied.
  • It is up to you how often you want the company to clean your home. You can hire them on a recurring basis every day, week or month. You can also hire a company to deep clean your home one time. Finally, you can also limit the services to one area of your home, such as your bathrooms or kitchen.

Before you hire any company for cleaning services, make sure you research them and know who you are hiring. You need to check with the Better Business Bureau and get references from the company, before you agree to allow them in your home. It is also important you check how the company screens their workers, so you can be assured your home and family will be safe during the services.

What Should You Expect From Cleaning Services?