Tips Before Buying E-Liquids To enjoy using e-liquid the most, make sure that you found a flavor you enjoy with just the right nicotine level that’s enough to satisfy your cravings. There are hundreds to thousands of flavours that can be chosen from. However, if you want to buy the best e-liquid available, it will be necessary to narrow down your selection to just excellent quality vendors. The nicotine liquids are also called as e-liquid or e-juice, which can be flavoured to suit any mood or taste. The strength will vary from 0 milligram nicotine to as much as 54 milligram nicotine. They will probably enjoy higher number of nicotine for heavy smokers but for those who are weening off or light smokers, e-juices that have lower strength levels is the best for them. There are varying nicotine concentrations that e-liquids have, which is intentionally made to suit everyone’s taste and needs. E-cig users have the option to lower their nicotine doses slowly not like when smoking tobaccos, which is why this is an important feature. Only to satisfy the habits of smoking, so many users prefer to vape nicotine free liquid. For others who are aiming to get 0 milligram nicotine juice, this is a great practice because they will be able to make improvements slowly without craving for smoking cigarettes.
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Concentration levels of e-juices are usually found on its bottle in mg/ml format. Since there are no standardization on the dosage level, you’ll often find different levels used by different manufacturers. They have general guidelines on the other hand like for example, the nicotine free juices, it has 0mg nicotine and only has VG and/or PV as well as flavouring, low strength juices which has 4 to 8 mg of nicotine per milliliter, mid strength that has around 10 to 14 mg nicotine per millimeter, high strength with 16 to 18 mg per millimeter and the extra high strength which has the most nicotine level as it plays between 24 to 54mg per millimeter.
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The e-liquid flavours are ranging from cigar flavor, tobacco, sugary and sweet. The truth is, some are even made to stimulate real cigars and is sold at flavours similar to menthol and regular tobacco. Again, there are some flavours similar to coffee, strawberry, vanilla, coconut, chocolate that is mimicking fruits or even common sweets. There are exotic flavours for e-juices that is quite popular to many like the strawberry daiquiri and Boston cream pie. The sky is the limit regardless of what flavor you want and what’s more, each flavor has a varying nicotine strength as well.

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