Homes throughout the region routinely suffer from foundation issues. While some of those issues are easily seen, others are less obvious. Because a relatively minor foundation issue can quickly become a major problem, homeowners are encouraged to be observant, and pay close attention to symptoms that indicate a foundation problem is present. There are several areas that should be looked at closely.

Pay attention to cracks around windows and doors.

While minor cracks do not always mean there is a foundation issue, cracks that radiate away from the corners of windows and doors should be closely looked at. Angled cracks, especially ones that are wider at one end, should always be considered a symptom of a foundation problem.

Look for cracks or separation around brick walls.

Brick facing is common in the area, and homeowners should look for cracks in the mortar or the brick facing actually separating from the home’s frame. Walk around the home and look for any signs of settling, especially near corners, as movement may indicate an issue that should be looked at by a professional.

Don’t ignore cracks in floor tiles or uneven areas beneath carpeted floors.

When cracks appear in several floor tiles, or if floors seem uneven beneath carpeting, a foundation repair company fort worth should be contacted as soon as possible. Sagging or settling of any floor is a symptom of a possible foundation problem. The local experts will be able to analyze the problem and recommend solutions.

Look for cracks or bowing in basement walls.

Basements present unique problems, as they must not only support the home’s upper levels, but also withstand the pressure of the soil around the home. When water causes clay soils to expand, the soil can put a great deal of pressure on the basement walls. Inward bowing or cracks should be looked at foundation professionals immediately.

Each home presents unique possibilities for foundation problems, and not all problems are easily diagnosed. However, if there is any indication that a foundation problem is present, a foundation repair professional should be contacted immediately. While no one wants to face the expenses involved in foundation repairs, letting any problem go without being repaired can result in much higher repair costs later.

What are Common Symptoms of Foundation Problems?