It’s nice to know that you have options, but sometimes that just makes it a lot more difficult to figure out which item you really want. Product reviews go a long way with this problem, since it gives you a chance to hear about how well something works and is put together without having to examine every possible option on your own. When you’re shopping for the best rated vacuum cleaners, though, you should make sure that you’re looking at those ratings in light of how people were trying to use the devices.

There are times when it makes sense to buy the lightest vacuum possible, and other times when you need to get something with a more powerful, and therefore heavier, motor to maximize the cleaning. If you’re looking for something to pick up cat dander from your carpet because your daughter has developed an allergy to the family pet, even a small handheld vacuum with exceptional ratings isn’t going to be an appropriate choice. A device might be well designed and may perform its job excellently, but ratings and reviews can be misleading if they’re from someone who has a set of priorities that’s very different from your own.

As you shop around for the right device, you should do some thinking about how you intend to use your vacuum and then combine that information with the reviews that you read to make sure that you’re getting the most useful information that you can. You might want to look for discussion specifically about whether a particular device handles allergens well, whether it’s easy to maneuver it between pieces of furniture, how much space you need to store it, and how well it transitions between smooth and carpeted floors.

Online ratings and reviews are a great way to eliminate a lot of product options that just don’t live up to their marketing hype. As you’re narrowing your choices down to the best-rated options, though, make sure that you’re realistic about what you need for your home. Buying the best vacuum on the market isn’t going to do you much good if it’s built to address a completely different set of circumstances than you needed it for.

Weigh Vacuum Ratings Based On Your Needs