From the 8650 types of wild birds (migratory and coming initially from species) on the planet, India hosts as much as 1200 (roughly 14%), of that 141 are endemic for this region.

While the amount of wild birds is big and enough to fulfill any bird watcher, it’s the quantity of rare wild birds to determine which makes India this kind of exciting spot for a watching birds trip.

India is another country that can take eco tourism seriously and offers numerous protected wildlife sanctuaries, which are secluded and excellent for watching birds.

watching birds outings and a number of stunning scenery and wildlife

India is really an assorted country when it comes to its geography which varies from the mighty Himalayas highlighting Tibet within the north, to lush flatlands, desert and jungle encircled by 1000’s of miles of beaches.

This diversity is of landscape is obviously, reflected in the wildlife.

Watching birds outings in India give an chance to determine wild birds, however, you can mix a watching birds trip having a safari, or holiday package and find out tigers, tigers, lions and rhinos, or consume a few of the 1000’s of many years of cultural history.

India is ideal for watching birds outings, as well as the adventurous traveller offers a lot more, when it comes to the range of wildlife and stunning scenery.

Watching Birds, tigers, tigers plus much more!

North India offers a multitude of watching birds outings such as the Keoladeo Ghana National Park (Bharatpur) a global heritage place and one among the best bird sanctuaries on the planet.

You will find over 350 types of wild birds found and also the habitat differs from shallow ponds to flooded forests and barren earth.

The wealthy assortment of wild birds in Corbett National Park, India’s first tiger reserve is yet another bird viewers paradise. Here you are able to go watching birds in open-air jeeps, or on tigers.

The setting is great and also the sheer number of bird existence astounding, with 580 types of wild birds found in the park.

Watching birds in the best wildlife parks in India

South India includes a number of its most well-known wildlife parks and a few great watching birds locations.

Nagarole national park for instance, is counted among India’s best wildlife parks and it has a sizable elephant and bison population, in addition to great watching birds, with roughly 250 types of wild birds to appear.

On its northern confines may be the Kabini River as well as on its southern fringes may be the Bandipur national park. Throughout the dry season, Feb – June, the ponds and rivers from the park attract a lot of creatures, which makes it a perfect place for watching birds and consuming another different and exciting variety of wildlife.

Watching Birds Outings – India A Bird Viewers Paradise
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