Many people use large wall mirrors for fairly mundane purposes: To make a room look bigger, make it seem airier, or even to provide a full-length view of themselves. While they do work well for these objectives, this isn’t all that can be done with them. When they are used with an eye for design, they can be great decor accents as well as functional items.

What can be done with a large wall mirror depends on just how large it actually is. Truly large ones will cover all or most of one wall. When that wall is in the bathroom, the mirror can provide enough surface area for two or more people to use it at the same time. This makes them good choices for master bathrooms that couples use to get ready in the morning.

Outside of the bathroom, a big mirror is more functional if it stretches up from the floor rather than being placed sideways. A full-length mirror allows you to see your entire outfit at the same time and spot any wardrobe trouble before you go out. It also lets you get the overall view of your clothes, and this is why many dressing rooms have them.

Mirrors that are fairly large, but not quite as big as the ones already mentioned, make good accents in hallways, next to staircases, and in various rooms. One of the best ways to use mirrors as design pieces is to buy several of them, all in different sizes but with the same frame designs. This lets you dot them around a wall or hallway while maintaining a well-designed appearance. Some of the best decor ideas involve placing mirrors where portraits would normally go. Having mirrors makes the effect unique, while the portrait-like placement brings welcome familiarity.

Whether you want to put a mirror on the wall for practical purposes or as a design element, you should make sure to select ones that are high-quality. This will ensure that the reflection is free of distortion. If you choose a variety that has a frame, make sure that the frame is also of good quality. A good frame will enhance the mirror as well as keep it safe from falling.

Wall Mirrors Are Good for More than Showing Your Reflection