Walking trails and greenways within the Morrow area provide lots of possibilities for citizens and site visitors to savor exercise and leisure activities at the time of the busy urban area. These quiet walks through wooded areas and along streams let customers enjoy their natural surroundings. Here are a few local faves.

Reynolds Character Preserve has four miles of walking trails winding through 146 acres. The 3 internally connected trails take ramblers with the forest and along streams and ponds. Water-feature Loop is really a one mile trail. The Perimeter Loop is really a 1.5 mile trail round the property. The main one mile Summit Loop trail results in Back Mountain, the greatest reason for Clayton County at 1,116 ft. There’s a brief Native Plants Trail that’s motorized wheel chair accessible. Site visitors towards the preserve might also benefit from the butterfly garden. Reynolds Character Preserve is situated at 5665 Reynolds Road in Morrow. It’s open Monday-Friday from 8am until dusk.

Panola Mountain Condition Park is situated on Highway 155 in nearby Stockbridge, Georgia. Panola Mountain is really a large granite outcrop with rare plants and weird environmental features. Park customers will discover a two mile character trail along with a one mile fitness trail. The 12 mile PATH Foundation Trail also runs with the park and connects to Arabia Mountain and Stonecrest Mall towards the east. This multi-use trail enables walkers, motorcyclists, and skaters. The condition park is open from 7am until dark. There’s a $5 parking fee.

The brand new Reeves Creek Trail and Greenway can also be situated in Stockbridge. The 3 mile trail was opened up in August 2011. It runs from Flippen Road east to Memorial Park. Lots of parking can be obtained at Memorial Park, that is situated at 106 Jennings Way. Motorcyclists will also be thanks for visiting make use of the trail.

Jesters Creek Park and Walking Trail is situated at 844 Jester Lake Drive in nearby Jonesboro, Georgia. Paved pathways and scenic boardwalks lead across the creek and also over the ton plain. Clayton County Worldwide Park can also be situated in Jonesboro. This 200 acre park includes a beach area, fishing ponds, tennis courts, have a picnic areas, and hiking and biking trails. Some trails are paved and a few are natural. The park entrance is off Highway 138. Worldwide Park is open daily from 8am-9pm.

A stroll along these trails and greenways is the best little avoid the bustle and traffic noise. These walks offer possibilities to see a number of wild birds along with other wildlife. Trail customers could possibly get something and relish the outdoors.

Walking Trails Near Morrow, Georgia
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