Growing up, bean bags were an essential element in hang-out rooms. Now, companies are beginning to take a modern twist on the traditional bean bag, making its use extremely versatile. Despite the fact that there are many retail stores that sell bean bag chairs, it is important that individuals select a location that specializes in this product in order to ensure they will be receiving a high quality bean bag. Many people have purchased a bean bag chair at excessively discounted rates only to find out that the quality was very poor, which resulted in rips and Styrofoam pieces everywhere. The best way to avoid this scenario is by shopping around and looking for reputable stores.

A website that provides high quality bean bags to their customers is Through this website, individuals have a large inventory to select from. A person can easily narrow down their search in multiple ways, including:

  • Shop by size, with sizes from 6 feet to 8 feet available
  • Shop by shape, such as round, oval, and pancake shaped bags
  • Shop accessories, including mini foam pillows, gift cards, remote control pockets, blankets and throws, and inner fabric liners
  • Covers for naked foam bags
  • Foam ottoman foot rests

In addition to the traditional use as comfortable lounge chairs, bean bags are now being used for many other creative things. If a person is interested in exploring the uses of these bags, it is recommended that they try using their them for the following:

  • Comfortable pet bed
  • Use as a therapy aid to children with sensory integration issues
  • Provide extra seating for guests
  • Use as a table base when having sleepovers or playing a game of cards
  • Utilize the chair as a decorative piece

Due to the number of bean bags available to choose from, individuals are encouraged to use their imagination to maximize the uses of these pieces of furniture. Different colors, sizes, shapes and accessories can be used to customize the look, of a room. Prices vary as does quality; however, when making a purchase through a reputable online website, customers can feel confident that their money will be well spent.

Versatile Uses for Bean Bags