Apart from regular cleaning and properly storing your food and leftovers, a good way to keep odors from becoming a problem in your refrigerator is to use air purifying products. One of the most common odor removing techniques is to store a container of fresh baking soda in the fridge. This absorbs smells and moisture, which helps to keep everything smelling fresh. Another way to do this is to use a refrigerator air purifying bag. These bags are filled with treated charcoal and can be placed or hung in the fridge to combat bacteria, mold, and other problems that lead to unpleasant odors.

The baking soda method is very inexpensive. Most regular sized boxes of baking soda can be purchased for about $1 or less. Baking soda is only effective for one or two months before it is unable to absorb any more moisture and odors. After this, the baking soda cannot be used for cooking, and most often it is thrown away. However, it is an excellent cleaning agent, especially for removing stubborn stains on counters, stove tops, and sinks. It also works as a polishing agent, so it can be used to scrub toilet bowls and showers as well. After it has outlived its use as a deodorizer for your fridge, put it to use for cleaning projects to get a little more use out of it.

If you opt for the air purifying bag, you will have to spend a little more money upfront. They usually cost between $8 and $12, depending on the size of the bag. Filter bags can last up to two years before they should be replaced. Every few months throughout their use they should be placed in the sun for a few hours in order to refresh them. This helps to remove built up moisture and bacteria so that they can function optimally until they are completely worn out. These not only work great in the fridge, but can be used in other areas to remove bad smells. Some popular places to use them are in dirty clothes hampers, bathrooms, near garbage cans, and near areas where pets spend a lot of time.

Two Ways To Combat Bad Odors In Your Fridge: The Baking Soda Method And The Refrigerator Air Purifying Bag