Most of us prefer to do a major overhaul when spring cleaning. This means throwing out the old and buying new furniture and other stuff to give old spaces new looks. Here are top 5 things you may think about replacing if you want to upgrade your spaces, whether you are redoing the bedroom, the living room, or any other room in the house.


If your mattress has grown soft and lumpy you will need to replace it with a new one. Most people make do with a mattress with sagging springs and lumpy foam, not knowing that sleeping on mattresses like these actually contribute to sleepless nights and body aches during the day. A good mattress should be able to provide adequate support without being too firm. Most experts recommend replacing the mattress when it has gone saggy or when there are too many signs of wear and tear that are making getting sound sleep difficult for you.


Sofas need to be replaced when they start to become saggy and dirty as well. You can keep your sofa clean by steam cleaning on a regular basis. This adds to the life of the sofa and makes it more presentable especially if your sofa comes in white or any light color. However, there are times when the sofa becomes too old and worn that you have no option but to replace it. If your sofa is old and lumpy and it does not support the sitter as well as it should, that piece of furniture needs to go.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can really change the appearance of a room. However, the choice of lighting fixtures depends on the space you have and whether or not the style fits the interior design of the room. If the lighting fixture contributes to a stuffy, dated appearance of a space, maybe it is time to go shopping for one that will give your space an instant facelift.

Window Treatments 

Window treatments can make or break a room. The good thing about them is that they are really affordable so once they get old and worn you can easily replace them. Window treatments are a cheap way to spruce up a room or even the entire house and you can install them yourself.


Rugs are perhaps the easiest to replace and it gets pretty obvious when you need to replace them. Once rugs become too soiled and no amount of washing can restore them to their old glory, it is time to ditch them or perhaps use them for the kitchen or any space in the house where visitors don’t get to go. Colorful area rugs tend to fade in color, tear or become worn especially if they are placed in high traffic areas, so it is best to have a replacement ready when this happens. Like window treatments, area rugs are very affordable and you can find them in so many colors and textures that making one fit with the existing theme of the room will not be hard to do.

Top 5 Things You May Want to Replace At Home