Home foundation problems are common in the Dallas region. Many homeowners will blame their building contractor for the problems, and there may be some validity in that, but the primary reason for foundation problems is the area’s soils. Soils with a high clay content expand and contract dramatically during different times of the year. During wet periods, for example, soils like those in the Dallas area will expand, often lifting or shifting foundations as they move. During dryer periods, those soils contract, and the foundation components will settle. The constant movement can significantly damage homes. If not properly addressed, the problems can quickly cause thousands of dollars in damages.

There are signs homeowners need to be aware of indicating a foundation problem is developing. Often the first signs will be windows or doors not opening or closing properly. Windows may bind, making them difficult to slide, or drafts may develop when the windows don’t close properly. Doors may stick, and won’t appear to fit the door frame properly. Other signs of developing issues include cracks in the wallboard, especially at the corners of doors or windows, or floors that are uneven in places. Stop-gap repairs, like planing the door edges, are not going to resolve the problem.

For leveling and stabilizing floors, arguably the best solution is pier and beam foundation repair that improves on the original construction. Foundation professionals, like those found at companies like Foundation Repair Pros, understand the dynamics of soils, and how to mitigate the issues expansion and contraction create. Foundation professionals will analyze the issues and develop a custom approach to leveling floors, reducing the potential for problems reoccurring in the future.

When repairs are completed, homeowners should also take steps to protect their homes from future problems. Site drainage is, for many area homes, a significant issue. Correcting site slopes to allow water to drain away from the home’s foundation is important for reducing the chances of future problems. Even adding gutters with downspouts that direct water away from the foundation is very helpful. However, the first step must be to resolve any existing foundation problems. Contacting an area foundation professional is the first step in fixing problems and protecting a home’s value.

To Protect a Home’s Value, Pier and Beam Foundation Repair May Be the Answer