Junk removal can seem like an overwhelming job, but it’s actually quite simple if you follow a few basic steps. In fact, making it easy is more about what not to do than anything else. By eliminating inefficient steps and replacing them with common-sense practices, you’ll make the job go much faster.

When the junk in question will include construction or demolition debris, the first thing to do is the main project. As you generate scraps of wood or metal from construction, or debris from demolition, put it into coherent piles. This will make it easier to move into a dumpster later on. If you can, put the piles close to the entrance to your property. In many cases, dumpster delivery trucks from Austin junk removal companies can’t traverse uneven ground and will be limited to placing the container on or near your driveway. This means that you or your laborers will have to manually take the debris to wherever the dumpster is set up. Such work is much easier if you take the debris to the piling site a few pieces at a time instead of piling everything up in one place and then moving everything again.

For large amounts of household trash or accumulated random items, the first rule is to not sort anything. Just throw it out. This idea is generally horrifying to the person who collected a long lifetime’s worth of random stuff and is of the firm belief that something valuable is somehow in the mix. Those cleaning out a house that’s part of an inherited estate, on the other hand, should have no such qualms. If any hesitation remains, think of the math: Each hour of labor is worth at least minimum wage, and it can easily take over 1,000 hours to go through each individual item in an estate. If there’s a chance that something in those roomfuls of accumulated, random stuff is worth $7,250, you’ll merely break even vs. the value of the labor you’ve put in. Unless the decedent was rich, you are almost certain to come out ahead if you throw all of the random items away without giving them a second look. The things that are actually worth some money – furniture, jewelry, stocks, bonds, and the like – will almost always be in a very obvious place and not buried under 50 years’ worth of randomness.

Tips to Make Austin Junk Removal Faster and Easier