The cold weather is fast approaching, and now is the time to begin prepping your home for the winter months. One area of the home that is often forgotten is the foundation. Seeing as how this is a very important structural component of your home, you are going to want to make sure that your foundation is prepared for the winter. For residents in Texas, your home is susceptible to extreme damage from the winter weather, which is why completing maintenance now is ideal.

How Winter Affects Your Foundation

You can have a structurally bound foundation and still face a lot of issues during the winter. Typical foundation issues in the winter are brought on as a result of the soil the home is resting on. Texas soil is known for being more like clay which reacts significantly to the changes of water. As you may have witnessed before, the land seems to become dry and cracked during dry spells, you have a firsthand idea of what your home’s foundation is going to go through. The winter weather causes changes in the moisture in the soil which causes it to contract.

Water Your Foundation

The best and most important process for maintaining your home’s foundation during the colder season is to provide moisture. Keeping the moisture content of the soil surrounding your home on the consistent basis will prevent the foundation from shifting and causing damage. To keep your foundation properly watered you are going to need an in ground sprinkler system as this provides the best method of watering. Be sure to water the soil within 10’ of your home to keep the soil moist. Watering too close to the home can cause a lot of issues with water accumulation.

By completing this simple process on a routine basis, you can prevent the need for hundreds of dollars in foundation repairs when the warm weather breaks. Be sure to inspect your foundation periodically for any cracks or other signs of damage throughout the winter. If you notice any signs of damage that need repairs it is imperative to reach out to someone right away. For more information on winterizing your foundation visit

Tips for Preparing Your Foundation for the Winter