While no customer can control the cost of electricity in Ohio in terms of what the provider charges, there are ways to manage energy consumption and help to keep the monthly costs of the service within a reasonable range. Here are some tips that will help with the process. Check the Water Heater Temperature SettingFor consumers who have water heaters that include tanks, it can help to adjust the temperature setting so that the tank of water is not reheated so often. Even a few degrees will make a difference in the amount of energy consumed each day. That difference translates into a lower power bill each month. Remember to lower it even more when no one will be home for several days. It won’t take that long for the water to heat back up once someone returns. With most water heaters, no more than a half hour at a higher temperature setting will provide plenty of hot water. Cold Water for Washing ClothesThere is no need to use warm or hot water to wash most types of clothing today. Thanks to the detergents on the market, it is possible to use cold water and ensure the clothes are completely clean. Using cold water more often saves on energy and will mean the power bill will be a little lower. Invest in a Toaster OvenNot every meal requires the use of a full sized electric oven. Buy a toaster oven and learn how to prepare simple meals using this device. The smaller oven will use considerably less energy. As a bonus, using it during the warmer months will make it easier to keep the temperature inside the home easier to manage. Fill in Around Doors and WindowsHeating and cooling the inside of the home is easier when there are no tiny spaces around doors and windows. Use weathers stripping to block the flow of air through those spaces. Door sweeps and thresholds can also help to prevent the air from seeping under the door and reduce the amount of energy needed to keep the home comfortable. Try these tips for a month and see what happens. Most consumers will see a noticeable difference in their bills, and enjoy having some extra money in their pockets.

Tips for Managing the Cost of Electricity in Ohio