A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. The way she styles it plays a major part in showing the world her personal style and creativity. It can drastically change her appearance with small changes and, sometimes, minimum effort. A woman wants her hair to be beautiful, and there are times when she may want it to be silky, smooth and straight. One of the more expensive tools a woman uses on her hair is the flat iron. Because of the cost, choosing the right flat iron is important.

The type of plates used on the flat iron is the most important part. There are flat irons that use metal, ceramic, and tourmaline plates. Metal plates are becoming obsolete because they can cause major heat damage and cause hair breakage. Ceramic plates are more popular. They protect the hair from becoming really dry and do minimal damage to the hair. Tourmaline plates are the most expensive, but they also heat the quickest and protect the hair the most. The last thing to look for in the plates is that they are smooth to make sure the hair does not snag and break. You can get more information here about the importance of plate design.

The next thing to look for is heat settings. A flat iron should heat quickly because it is just a hassle to have to wait for it to heat up before it can be used. Also, there should be temperature controls. Different types of hair will require different heat settings.

The ideal flat iron is lightweight, easy to hold, and can be used with either hand. A person should be able to hold and use the flat iron with ease, to avoid additional stress. Also, even though it may seem a good idea to choose a flat iron that is the least expensive, it may not do the best job. Pinching pennies with the cost of the flat iron will just lead to the need for the flat iron to be replaced at a much faster rate. It is best to go ahead and spend a few dollars more to purchase the flat iron and have something that will last a long time.

Tips for Choosing The Best Flat Iron