There is obvious value to securing your home against burglars and other home invaders. Anything that you can do to make your house a less appealing target could keep you or your loved ones safe, and also protect valuable belongings as well. When you think about whether you want to actually install a security system, though, you should look beyond that. There is value in having a security camera that goes beyond deterring criminals.

A camera on the front of your house can be a handy way to monitor what’s going on outside. If you’re relaxing on the couch and you hear a noise near the door, for example, you could look at the camera feed to find out whether someone is at the door and if that someone is a person you feel like getting up and seeing. If you have a system that allows the camera to monitor for motion, it can also alert you to things that are happening. For example, you could get a motion alert on the camera when the mailman or other delivery service comes, which can make it a lot easier to get to the front door and retrieve packages before they’re damaged by the weather or stolen outright.

Cameras at the back of your home, on the other hand, are a great way to monitor what your family is up to without having to be there are every moment. It’s a good way to give your kids the opportunity to play outside without constant direct oversight, for example, while still having the reassurance of being able to glance at the feed from time to time to make sure they haven’t wandered off or gotten into a fight. With a infrared model, it can also be an excellent way to keep an eye on what your dog is doing if you have to let him out for a few minutes in the middle of the night.

Securing your home is reason enough to want to have cameras around the outside of the property, but there are additional ways that having them can make your life easier. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to add a system to your home, think about what other useful things you might be able to do with it.

The Value of Having a Security Camera