Advantages of IP Telephone Systems in an Office Setting An IP telephone system provides telephone calls over IP data networks. This is due to the use of data packets to send information across these networks. An IP technology system uses advanced technological system while providing scalable and robust communication. Some of the advantages of incorporating an IP system include the following. Easy to install and configure IP systems take advantage of the fact that they run as software on a computer in processing user-interfaces. This is as a result of the capitalization of the use of computer software systems used.
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Their management is simpler because of configuration that is web based
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It is possible to manage an IP system with the use of web based configurations or GUI. Fine tuning of the IP service becomes easier due to the use of the web-based services in the maintenance and fine tuning of the phone systems. Unlike normal phones that have interfaces that are complicated and difficult to use, IP phone systems can be used by people who are not technicians. Save you money IP systems make use of service providers using VOIP systems for international or long distance calls. This makes the monthly savings significantly huge. Calling over IP yields better calls per distance. This makes it possible to have free calls between the offices. Gets rid of phone wires One of the greatest advantages of IP services is the ability to reduce the need to use hone wires that tend to scatter in office spaces. This can be shared with adjacent computers. Using pre-existing connections makes it very easy and convenient to extend connections. This in turn eliminates phone wiring and makes adding or reducing extensions much easier and in the case of a new office, an IP system eliminates the need for extra wiring. Can be scaled Adding more lines and extensions to a proprietary system can be quite expensive. This is due to the need to buy hardware modules that can be expensive. It may be necessary to buy and install new phone systems in some rare cases making it expensive. It is possible for a standard computer to handle larger numbers of phone lines and extensions by simply adding more phones to the network system. Delivering customer care services can be easier while using IP telephone systems. This is because it is easier to integrate functions that are phone based. It is easier to integrate phone based functions with business applications in computer based IP systems hence giving your employees a neat environment to interact with clients without having to juggle multiple devices.

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