For those nervous parents who are anxious about leaving their children in the hands of others in their homes, there is peace offered in what are called nanny cams. Nanny cams are just like home surveillance cameras, except they are able to play lullabies and also have temperature sensors. Both the nanny cam and the surveillance camera require an internet connection, and live video feeds can be accessed anywhere in the world. Therefore, to determine which would be better for the money, this article will look briefly at a website dedicated to nanny cam reviews.

There are four different types of nanny cams from which most people select: WIFI Nanny cams, baby monitors, home surveillance cameras and spy cameras. The spy cameras can be used as nanny cams, but there are laws governing using cameras in this manner. In particular, recording conversations of caregivers in your home cannot be done without their permission. These cameras can be hidden in just about anything in the home, such as teddy bears or smoke detectors. The home surveillance cameras are widely used by a lot of people and are great as nanny cams. The only things they cannot offer are temperature sensors and lullabies.

Baby monitors are the next type of surveillance for baby watching. They only work in the home and with localized use, such as from room to room. The parent could be in the kitchen starting dinner and watching the baby in the nursery, all at the same time. Finally, the WIFI Nanny cams are the top of the line, as far as giving the parent complete access to what is going on with the baby or children. No matter where the parents are in the world, they will have access to the children by way of the internet. The Nanny cam itself can play lullabies and record temperatures in the room. These things are a definite to have if one is going to be on the road a lot and gone from home. The fact that these cams are two way communication devices makes them ideal to trust your home to a caregiver more. More information can be found at the website

The Selling Power Behind the Nanny Cam