Methods in Doing Love Spells

Some of us believe in rituals wherein we cast a spell on someone for a certain purpose and usually the purpose id for love wherein you would want somebody to love and like you by casting out positive spells and actions so that he or she will love you back. There are many ways on how you can cast a spell on someone that you love or like and you can also research the internet on you would be able to cast a spell on him or her.

There are love spells that you can cast one someone but first you will have to cover the mirrors with pink or white sheets then after that clean also the toilet bowl with cleaning agents or solutions and you have to do this thoroughly. The next thing that you will need to do is to put salt into a bath tub full of water then while sprinkling the salt into the water you may now chant your love spell or you may put the salt into a washcloth.

The next thing that you need to do is place three floating white candles on the water of the tub then light it up then you may enter the tub with water and think the things that you would want to focus on. While you are entering the bath tub, you must play a music that will make you feel relax and make you feel sensual as well and by doing this, you must be able to focus on the feelings that you would want to happen.

You must immerse yourself once into the water then you must bathe sensationally while you are thinking of the person that you love or you like since that is your main goal for doing this kind of ritual and be sure that you are focus. When you are in the bath tub already, you must chant again the spell while you are taking the bath and this time you may add other elements in your bath like your essential oils and other kinds of scents that will make you feel more comfortable.

Another kind of spell on love that you can perform or you can do is that you can purchase candles with colors yellow, blue, red and two color pink candles then you must use a compass so that you can place the candles in the right place. Casting a love spell on someone is possible if you would use a charcoal pen and parchment paper and from there you need to write your chant on the paper so that the spell will be more effective.

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