Tips on How to Design Your Custom Challenge Coins

As part of appreciation for the good work done by your juniors at work, giving them a custom challenge coin is really special and they will love it. Many people are slowly appreciating the importance of custom challenge coins in the recent years, and have adopted their use in different events. You always want your custom challenge coin to be unique, so you have to look for a special design for your coin that will make it unique. Designing a unique custom challenge coins is not simple with so many ideas of what you want, and that is why you can use some tips to help you choose the best among them. Click here to learn more about some of the things to keep in mind when designing custom challenge coins.

Take note of the occasion where you want to use custom coins and use that to look for a unique design. You may be designing custom coins for a birthday party, so use the cake and the balloons to design the print to add on the custom coin.

The artwork will also be greatly influenced by the event that you making the custom coins for, so look for a great artwork. For this military custom challenge coins you can use war jet or rifles to be your artwork of the coin face.

For custom challenge coins, there are the soft enamel and the hard enamel so choose the one that you like for your coins. Comparing the texture that you want for your custom challenge coins decide which one to choose because the hard enamel is smooth and the soft enamel have a rough feel on the touch.

To save more money on purchasing the custom coins, reach the set number of coins the supply company has set so that they offer you discount, but do not long way behold your limits just for a discount.

Consider the kind of plating material that you want to use on your custom challenge coins. Black nickel and black metal are also other kinds of plating materials that can be used on custom coins. Each plating material though has different costs so you should choose the one you can afford.

Custom challenge coins come with different sizes so choose the size of your coins before you make the final order. Choose the kind of edge you would like your custom coins to have. Some coins are designed with oblique line edges or diamond cross edges but make sure your coins have the kind of edge that you like the most get more info by clicking here.

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