There are a number of places online to read a ninja professional blender review, but the best way to get all the essential info in one place is to read a synopsis of those reviews. The following information was compiled from a number of user reviews all over the Internet. Overall, the Ninja 1100 Watt blender is the most popular and is the most often reviewed, but the Ninja 1000 and the Ninja 1500 are also reviewed by a number of consumers today.

One of the first things that most Ninja 1100 reviewers discuss is a comparison. The Vita Mix and the Blendtec are often considered the top of the line when it comes to high end blenders, so many people want to discuss how those blenders compare to the Ninja line of blenders. Ultimately, most people draw the conclusion that the Ninja blenders are very much comparable to the Vita Mix and the Blendtec, but the Ninja line is much cheaper.

The features of the Ninja blenders vary by model, but no matter what the model is there are always some central things on a Ninja line blender. The power always equals or exceeds 1000 watts. All of the Ninja blenders feature easy-to-use touch pads for controls. All Ninja blenders feature plastic jars rather than glass ones. Ninja blenders always have a completely removable blade system. All of the blender parts (save the base) can be safely placed in the dishwasher. Finally, all Ninja blenders come with a one year warranty. The warranty is something that all the reviews tend to praise highly because it gives the buyer more confidence.

Nearly universal praise is given for the Ninja 1100 watt blender’s ability to crush ice, fruit, and veggies. Similarly, the Ninja 1000 receives high praise for its ability to handle even tougher fruits and veggies. The Ninja 1500 is widely considered a true powerhouse that can pulverize whole fruits, whole vegetables, and large cubes of ice in seconds. The Ninja 1100 watt model is widely praised for its three unique speeds. This ensures that users can get anything from a silky smoothie to a chunky milkshake with large pieces of cookies or other treats!

The Essential Info From a Ninja Professional Blender Review