When you have water damage in Orange County, it is vitally important that the type and degree of damage is properly assessed prior to water removal and repair of the damage. The least serious of the three categories of water damage is known as category 1 water damage. This type of damage usually happens when appliances break or when sinks get stopped up and overflow.

With category 2 water damage, the water is gray or dark in color. This indicates contamination, and the water will have microorganisms in it. This water can be a health hazard and will make you ill if you drink it. Common reasons for this category of water damage are toilet breakage and malfunctioning sump pumps. Category 3 water damage is usually indicated by water that is black. It is the worst category of water damage, and it can be very dangerous to your health to ignore it and let it stand i the home. Serious sewage line issues are often at fault in situations such as this.

Any of the categories may require water damage restoration, with categories 2 and 3 usually requiring far more restoration work than category 1. The first thing that your water damage restoration team will typically do is to drain any standing water out of your home. This may be done in a variety of ways, including industrial shop vacs and industrial fans to aid in the drying process.

Once the room is dry, the extent of the water damage can be truly evaluated. Often, remediation must be done on the walls and the floor of the home. If any water damage is left unchecked, serious problems like black mold may begin to emerge. Sometimes new building materials, including insulation must be installed. Often, in an area that has sustained major water damage, the mold remediation team will decide to apply a sealant that will help protect against similar future damage. If the original source of the leak can be positively identified and stopped, this will always be done to prevent future problems. If you are noticing signs of water damage, call your local water damage experts before the damage can escalate!

The Effects of Water Damage