Making the most of available space is a challenge for most homeowners. It certainly needs a great deal of thinking. The bathroom is a part of the house that’s highly utilized, particularly the vanity tops as well as the space beneath them. This article highlights the different kinds of materials utilized to produce these countertops.

Wood is one of the materials used to produce vanity tops. Nevertheless, it’s not the finest choice, because the moisture in bathrooms usually causes damage to the wood. Synthetic and plastic materials are resistant to moisture, thus, they are increasingly being utilized to produce a 60 inch bathroom vanity on sale . There is a huge variety available in synthetic and plastic materials. They come in glossy, matte and metallic finishes. Usually, there are several electrical devices that are utilized within the bathroom. These appliances produce heat which can cause damage to the synthetic or plastic laminates.

Granite is among the most durable materials in the market for countertops. It’s available in several colors. Granite is resistant to moisture and heat. Also, it is resistant to scratch and abrasion. It is most suitable for bathrooms because it is resistant to bacterial growth. It is important to purchase the entire granite stock at once for the reason that no two granite pieces look the same.

Marble is another highly durable countertop material. Marble is also available in a variety of sizes, finishes and colors. Nevertheless, marble is not resistant to abrasion and scratch and also tends to easily chip off. It is sensitive to acid spills which corrode the surface. Therefore, care must be taken to wipe up spilled liquids as quickly as possible.

Glass is utilized as a ‘green’ option to marble and granite. Glass is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors to suit the needs and preferences of a wide variety of individuals. The main disadvantage of glass is that nothing can be stored on the space beneath the countertop. Another shortcoming is that glass countertops are fragile and can break easily.

Each of the materials utilized to produce bathroom vanity tops presents its own disadvantages and advantages for the household. The finest option depends on the climatic conditions, budget and personal choice of the purchasers. Remember that you have to maintain your vanity tops appropriately so that it will last you a long time.

The Different Types Of Bathroom Vanity Tops