When it comes to companies, safety for the employees is a major concern. Whether large or small, there are procedures put in place to make sure that each employee is careful and doing things accordingly when it comes to job performance. Many jobs, such as manufacturing companies use sharp knives to open boxes, packages, shrink wrap, tape and many other applications. To accomplish this without any accidents, companies provide their employees with safety kinves. There are many brands of safety box cutters out there, one in particular is the Klever line of knives.

Injury claims can cost a business a lot of money. The Klever line of box cutters drastically reduces injuries employee injuries and work related claims. The technology of these knives make them very safe and incredibly easy to use. The recessed blade prevents contact, which reduces the risk of personal injury, lawsuits, and lost productivity. The shielded cutting area also reduces thechances of damaging the product inside the package. For a more custom look, logos and different colors are available. The knives can be used for a variety of other cutting applications. They are dishwater safe, as well as approved by the National Safety Federation (NSF).

Sharp objects in a workplace require the proper tools and training. Accidents occur each and every day when it comes to using a knife to perform a task in the workplace. Employees sometimes are not paying attention to their task at hand, or at times, the tool they are using malfunctions and causes them injury. With a Klever box cutter, the risk of getting hurt are greatly reduced because of the technology incorporated into the cutters. Not only will your employees be protected, but the products inside the boxes are less likely to get damaged.

Using proper tools are important in getting the job done, as well as keeping your employees safe. Any employee using sharp objects must receive the proper training, as well as a good tool to perform their task. Keeping employees safe is the number one priority of any company, followed by a high rate of successful productivity.

The Best Safety Kinves on the Market