Vintage Wedding Cars for a Stylish Wedding Celebration Hiring a vintage wedding car is great especially if you are going to be married in an expensive location. If you want to add class and style to your wedding then vintage cars are the perfect choice. With the wedding venue at the backdrop, wedding photographers will have a feast taking the couple’s picture in front of this classic beauty. Using vintage cars for your wedding will create great memories for you and your guests, and this is especially for those couples who love classic cars. Vintage wedding cars may not be allowed to be driven for long distances, but it can still be used for local wedding transportation. Classics are unique and has low mileage and their value is kept as classics which will be violated if taken for long drives. Vintage wedding cars will do best only for short distances such as from the church to the reception area. If you find renting a vintage wedding car too expensive, you can get a reduced rate for using it only as a prop. The car can only be driven up to the location where it will be parked and nowhere else. To preserve the car’s low mileage, most vintage car owners have it hauled to the location. Even when used as props, these vintage cars can still give value to your wedding celebration. The looks and feel of you exclusive and luxurious party will be enhanced by the presence of the vintage car. It can also be simply used for the couple’s wedding photographs.
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However, there are vintage cars that can be used during the entire wedding celebration. Though it may be difficult to find a company willing to rent out the car for several days, it is possible. Just don’t expect to hire it on a budget. If you are able to find a company owner who is willing to rent their vintage wedding car for several days, you should be prepared to shoulder that expense which will be large. Then you can enjoy the vintage car as a means of transportation as well as a prop, for the money that you will pay.
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The place to go for vintage car rentals are wedding transportation companies or local individual vehicle vendors. You have to sign a contract and check on their proof of insurance before renting the vintage car. Because of the expense, you would want to make sure your liability is spelled out clearly so you are not left in a situation where you need to pay a high penalty or lose your deposit. Your wedding memories can be ruined by financial surprises.

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