Different Sunless Tanning Systems It is almost impossible to find someone who is not familiar with sunless tanning anymore. Many people are familiar with different types of sunless tanning brands as well as some of the equipment and functions of that equipment. When you get a sunless tan you may have the choice of manual or automated options. Those who like the manual equipment choose it for accuracy and those who choose automated booths choose them for the convenience factor. DHA or dihydroxyacetone makes up the solution used in spray tanning. These ingredients are often referred to the dye or tanning color, but this would be incorrect. Other terms that are used for spray tanning consist of airbrush tanning, spray-on tans, and sunless tanning. As a whole sunless tanning is typically the term used to describe the entire sunless tanning market. This would help describe all of the equipment, solutions, lotions, booths tents and any other item that may be used or sold within the industry. The best ingredient that research has found in solutions is Dihydroxyacetone CAS NO. 62147-49-3. Fermented glycerine is what this ingredient actually. If you were to look at this it would look, smell and taste a lot like confectioner’s sugar. There are other companies that add a berry derivative to the concoction, but many studies have found that this is not as effective. All sunless tanning products will also include modifiers that will aid in viscosity and may also include humectants and botanicals for skin conditioning. Remember that when it comes to sunless tanning there are many different products out there, but purchasing a quality product is an investment. Once you purchase a quality product you will notice that you don’t have to worry about a bad smell, dry skin or patchy orange spots. A quality sunless tanning product will have a great “grab” to the skin and will last for days without you having to worry about beading or streaking of the color. You will find that there aren’t many companies that have quality products. Airbrush artists first began sunless tanning by administering the solution onto the skin with a pencil sized instrument. This sunless tanning method is still used, but it does have limitations. For example, this method does not allow for a fast application. Many businesses do not use this method frequently because of the time complications. With the advances in technology we have been able to use controlled applications that are much speedier. These are called high-volume-low-pressure systems or HVLP systems. They have larger guns and the solution mixes in larger volumes to coat the skin, but avoid excessive fog in the booth. Some companies still try to sell the older models.
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