Candles can add a warm glow to holidays, set a mood and keep home air freshly scented. However, not all brands of candles are equal, which is why many buyers only choose those made with soy. They are sold in dozens of colors, scents and shapes and many come in gift boxes. Soy candles also burn clean and are safe for the environment.

At one time shoppers had to search to find natural candles made with soy, but the Internet now makes it simple to buy them from major retailers like Sellers offer gift sets which often include two or three candles in scents such as lemongrass, olive blossom and fresh linen. There are packs available in themes that are ideal for any room in the house. Seasonal packs often include Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving fragrances.

Because soy candles offer such variety and are already gift packaged, they are perfect for birthdays, wedding showers and birthdays. Many real estate agents give them away as housewarming gifts and soy candles make ideal additions to any gift basket. Most are sold in small jars that can be placed anywhere without being obvious. Long-burning soy creates a stronger scent than traditional candles, so it only takes one or two to change the mood of a room for days.

Soy candles are also a smart choice because they are Eco-friendly. They are created using natural materials that include cotton wicks and premium oils. Unlike the oil-based paraffin used in traditional candles, soy does not produce toxic fumes. They have no lead to pollute indoor air and cause breathing problems. Products are actually made from soybeans, so buying them supports many economies as well as soybean farmers. Soy candles have lower burning temperatures than paraffin, which makes them safer for children and pets. If they spill, a little soap and water removes the residue.

More shoppers now buy soy candles instead of paraffin products. They are becoming popular because most products come beautifully packaged as gift sets, in a in a variety of scents. Buyers also like the fact that soy is natural, clean burning, safe and good for the environment.

The Benefits of Using Soy Candles