Nonconventional Healing Practices That Employ Full Utility of Your Body Energy.

Healing in its true sense has undergone several paradigms shifts through the ages from older generations that didn’t have access to science to the modern generation that is so full of technology. The new paradigm of healing is called metaphysical healing which is the realm of a mystic healer who uses their highly developed psychic, spiritual gifts stretch into their souls to find any offending energy or obstacle and dissolve it by themselves. The age of instant gratification is slowly evolving to an age of instant manifestation meaning that anything we desire can be decoded into physical reality without it be through the touch of a screen or just mere thought.

According to Lindsay Maxfield, an intuitive healer, we have entered into a new age where time is moving fast, and this makes the paradigms to slow and are therefore don’t have enough time to contemplate our troubles and hold them through a step-by-step process. This would work so much effort and intentionality that some people don’t have the strength to bare because of the hard past that they have experienced. In the new paradigm, things will be much faster as a patient has already been exposed to the emotional block and they find ways to allow a person with these superhuman abilities to enter in and helping to dissolve them. Healing at the Speed of Thought is exactly what this new generation needs in order to overcome the complexities of our time.

These different vibrations. Some energy field around a person that is usually referred to as aura or simply the energy field. Healing of the speed of thought, therefore, implies that since the body energy has no limits, through proper intent, can be directed to release a tremendous amount of healing to your inside and outward body.

Peter Siskid, author of Healing at The Speed of Thought, suggests in this website that energy can be sent and received across time and space which of these have the purpose of keeping us grounded the physical reality. Healing at The Speed of Thought advocates for an individual wherever there whoever they are to access the energy body without the need of a physical practitioner. Healing at The Speed of Thought enables a practitioner to intuitively send energy to a recipient through prior consent by the recipient.

Loosening your emotional traumas has to come from an individual willing to accept and let go of the pain, to release and to heal allow yourself to first even the most painful scenes in your life with the knowledge of how to energetically shift the pain and give yourself a different perspective. You cannot particularly arrest or avoid things that happened to you, but you can release the authority they have of life and allow yourself to live free.

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