Small Printers and Scanners: Multi-purpose Solutions for Small Businesses Before the developments we are enjoying today, would-be business owners find it practically impossible to start out on their own if they have a shoe string budget. The advancement of technology has proven to be advantageous to home based business and small enterprises. These smaller businesses are no longer required to spend an exorbitant amount of money to invest in expensive and bulky office equipment. The best device to epitomize the changes in small business solutions is the small printer and scanner. This device also typically integrates fax and copying abilities. A small printer and scanner helps your business gain a reputation for being well oiled and fully staffed. Even before the development of smaller and more efficient devices, printers were and are still regarded as one of the most necessary PC accessories that a business owner should invest in. Before purchasing a small printer and scanner, you need to keep in mind that there are various factors to deliberate on, including costs, features desired, and quality. Companies who sell multi-purpose printers and scanners target home users and small business owners. Before making a final decision, here are some tips and factors to consider for your purchase of a small printer and scanner.
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Initial Cost – Buying a small printer and scanner is definitely cheaper than buying both devices separately. We live in an age where the transitional process from stationary devices into portable ones is still ongoing. What this implies is that if you purchase a portable printer and a portable scanner, you can expect to pay twice as much as you would have paid had your purchased a single small printer and scanner.
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Availability – Buying a multi functional device means that you would not be able to use two features simultaneously. If timely delivery is very important, then you should probably buy two separate devices. However, if you do not need both functions simultaneously, then it is a lot more practical to just go with a single device. Quality – Printer companies are still developing a flawless device with multiple capabilities. Unfortunately, they are yet to succeed in coming up with a portable machine that has the same printing quality and high scanning resolution as their individual counterparts. The more portable the machine is, the more features are not available. Value Additions – You may want to consider models that have additional features like automatic document feeding. Some models include paper trays that are too small which makes printing large documents very inconvenient. Finally, consider investing in a brand that is well known for its reliability, customer protection, and customer assistance.

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