The foundation of your home is what supports it, bears the load, and keeps it stable. It is designed and built to be sturdy, but amazingly, it is still susceptible to damage from outside forces. Twisting, settling, sagging, and buckling can all take their toll on a foundation and the damage that occurs may happen so slowly that you hardly notice it. Then, suddenly your doors and windows don’t open and close like they used to, and there are cracks appearing in your walls.

Most often the movement of your foundation is caused by the condition of the soil that it was built on; some soils are particularly reactive to wet conditions and drought, so they expand or contract, which can cause issues with your foundation. Sometimes these wet and dry conditions are just natural occurences, but there are other things that can contribute to the problem. If you live in an area where there has been some significant building going on, that construction may have changed elevations slightly which can affect the drainage patterns. This may result in water collecting around the base of your home, which can weaken the foundation. Gutter systems can also be contributing factors to foundation problems; if your gutters are not cleaned regularly, they can overflow, causing runoff to pool around your foundation. Neglected gutters can also begin to rust through, which will have the same effect on your home.

There are foundation specialists available who can do an inspection of your home and its foundation to locate the cause of any foundation problems you’re having. Once the reason has been determined, they will formulate a solution, based on your particular set of circumstances. No two homes will have identical foundation problems, so repairs are handled on a case-by-case basis. Some homes have basement foundations, some have concrete slabs, and others have a system of piers and each situation calls for different solutions. Segmented concrete piles, pressure grout pumping, heavy-duty Smartjacks, steel push piers, and helical piers are all tools that can be used to solve foundation problems and experts will know which of these solutions is appropriate for your home. To see what these pros can do for you and your home, visit them at

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