Soy candles are very popular due to the fact that they burn much more cleanly. The soot from traditional paraffin candles may include toxic chemicals and some even contain lead in the wick. This is one of the main reasons why so many are making the switch to candles made from soy. They burn longer and at a lower temperature and contain as much as 90% less soot than a candle that is made from paraffin. Many search for soy candles made in America and this is a wise choice. Choosing soy products helps the US farmers and this is very important.

There are many wonderful scents that are available in soy candles. Many enjoy scents such as sugar cookie, chocolate fudge, candy cane, hazelnut, coffee bean and more. These scents can fill the home with an amazing aroma that makes it warm and inviting. The best part about these candles is the fact that they do not contain lead in the wicks. They are also something that can add to any type of decor. A candle can add so much to a room in both fragrance and the warm glow that it provides. Many use them as a mood enhancement for special occasions.

Candles can be purchased in almost every type of store. Many choose to make this type of purchase online because there is such a variety to choose from. Candles make an excellent gift idea for nearly any occasion. It is a good idea to make sure that they are made with the highest quality. It is also important to choose candles that are made in the United States. A good soy candle costs approximately ten dollars each. Many times they are offered in gift sets. This is perfect for a last minute gift that is sure to be enjoyed.

Soy candles offer many benefits that a traditional candle cannot compete with. It is wise to choose a candle that is made by a trusted company. Many make this type of purchase online through a leading retailer such as Amazon. They offer a huge selection and many scents to choose from.

Soy Candles Burn Much More Cleanly