Wide plank flooring adds a dimension of beauty and elegance to any home. A span of this flooring across a room or several rooms creates an amazing look. Wide plank flooring from select southern yellow pine is a hard floor, and its strength enables this flooring to resist marring and other forms of damage from constant use. Southern yellow pine is beautiful when it is cut from carefully selected logs, but this wood can be finished in beautiful tones of color which further enhances the beauty of the wood.

The Old World, Driftwood and Wired Brushed styles are cut to 1/2 or 5/8 inches thick, and the Oyster Shell & Rustic styles are cut to 1/2 inch thick. The boards are initially cut into lengths of approximately 11 feet. When completely processed, the boards will be in the 8-10 foot length range. The boards are then dried to reduce the moisture content to about 6 percent. The final product will come in various widths, and the thickness of the plank is determined by the finish.

These are the finishes available in custom wide plank flooring:

  • Old World
  • Wire Brushed
  • Rustic
  • Driftwood
  • Oyster Shell

Each of these finishes is distinctive, and applied by skilled craftsmen to give the look that is ideal for a home’s interior design. The Old World finish is hand distressed to give it scratches, worm holes, and nicks so it actually looks like an old world plank that has been refinished. The Wire Brushed finish removes the soft grain, leaving the deeper beautiful grain. The Oyster Shell, Rustic and Driftwood planks are sanded aggressively to bring out texture, but leave the planks smooth. The planks are stained by hand using stains that are especially formulated for this flooring. Then tung oil is used to finish the planking on all but some styles receive a water based Polyurethane in a matte finish. Three of the planks have the tongue and groove assembly process which creates a solid installation. The other two have the shiplap cuts. Both of these are done after the wood has completely dried.

Wide plank flooring is truly a hand-crafted work of art for the home. Its beauty is readily noticeable by everyone who visits. This flooring is outstanding, and with the choice of finishes available, you are certain to find one finish which will set your home apart from others. This hand crafted flooring will last for 50 years.

Southern Pine Plank Flooring Adds Beauty and Elegance to Your Home