While your roof is not able to tell you what is wrong, there are a number of telltale signs that there is something wrong. You need to be aware of these signs and take action if anything unusual arises or leaks become apparent. If you procrastinate with the obvious roof issues that are present, this will only allow the damage to continue to spread, making the necessary repairs much more expensive.

Some clear signs that you need to seek roof repair or replacement are highlighted here.

Ceiling Spots

If you do not conduct a regular inspection of your roof at least once yearly, a spot on your interior ceiling may be the first sign that you have a leak problem. You should use a flashlight in order to inspect your attic area for any signs that water has infiltrated the area. If you find any signs, contact a professional roofer for assistance.

Cracked Sealants

If there is any exposure to the elements, it can cause the roofing cement that is used around the flashings, pipes and vents to become dried and cracked and begin to leak.

Damaged Flashing

The flashing is one of the most common sources of roof leaks. When these metal strips become damaged or dislodged, the water will begin to run underneath or behind it and into your house.

Bruising and Cracking

This is most commonly seen after hail has occurred and will typically call for a complete replacement of your roof.

Blistering and Curling

These issues could be signs of serious issues with your attic ventilation, causing the moisture and heat to penetrate the actual shingle. They may also signal a manufacturing defect or some type of improper installation.

Worn Shingles

Each shingle has granules that create a rough surface that is protecting the inner asphalt shingle mat from any exposure. When the granules are worn away, you should seek roof replacement.

Being aware of the possible issues with your roof will help you to seek repair in a timely manner. If you need more information regarding your roof, visit http://sugarlandroofingservices.com. Here, you will be able to find out your options for fixing your roof.

Signs You Need Roof Repair or Replacement