Thousands of shoppers have solved furniture problems by ordering bean bag chairs online. Today’s foam-filled styles are sturdy, comfortable, affordable, and come in a variety of sizes. Suppliers such as also offer online furniture in a range of colors and cover fabrics that can be adapted for many uses.

Bean Bag Furniture Is Adaptable

Traditional bean bag chairs have been dorm room staples for decades, but today’s sturdy and stylish pieces are also being used in homes. Suppliers not only offer sacks in a variety of sizes, but also sell ottomans, pillows, and loungers. Sacks are generally used as chairs and range in size from 3 feet to 8 feet. The biggest styles provide large, soft surfaces that several people can comfortably sit or lie on. Loungers can be used as extra-comfortable sofas and are generally between 6 feet and 7.5 feet in length. The bigger pieces can also double as beds.

Bean Bag Furniture Is User Friendly

Modern bean bag furniture is filled with very light, durable furniture-grade foam. The high quality filler keeps its shape and is very soft. All furniture includes a foam-filled liner that is covered with a washable cover. Liners include breakaway zippers that keep small pets and children from getting to the foam. The furniture is not heavy and is easy to move.

Bean Bag Furniture Is Decorative

Bean bag furniture is available in a range of decorator colors and fabrics. You can buy covers in passion or standard suede and faux fur. Suede is made from micro fiber and feels like soft terry cloth. The synthetic fur feels like the real thing and provides a rich, ultra-soft surface.

Bean Bag Furniture Is Easy to Assemble

Furniture suppliers ship most bean bag furniture in one box, but some larger pieces arrive in two. Every piece comes with instructions. Most sacks and loungers arrive as foam-filled liners and separate covers. Sacks, loungers, and ottomans are ready to use in minutes. A few bigger pieces require a little more assembly, but even they are simple to put together.

Thousands of smart bargain shoppers buy bean bag furniture online because it is affordable, colorful, and comfortable. They also like the fact that there are many sizes and styles to choose from and pieces can easily be adapted for many uses.

Searching for Online Furniture Bargains? Consider Quality Bean Bag Chairs