As anyone who has dealt with them knows, bed bugs are as resilient as they are irritating. Although any individual bed bug is unlikely to stand up to a properly applied dose of pesticide or other efforts to kill it, as populations they have a way of always ensuring that some of their members survive to breed and rebuild the infestation. While some few people may find that a single treatment takes care of a bed bug problem for good, it is much more common for multiple attempts to be needed, often with the destruction of household goods being called for, as well.

In addition to being lacking in this way, the usual approaches to dealing with bed bugs come with another real downside. Most of the pesticides that are commonly used are fairly dangerous substances in general, doing harm not just to bed bugs they come into contact with but also other creatures, including human beings and their favorite pets. That means that having a bed bug treatment performed typically requires a family to vacate a home entirely for some time, an inconvenience that can be truly disruptive.

However, there are some alternatives, and a few of these are showing special promise as being better than the traditional ways of dealing with bed bugs. One all-natural formulation, for example, is proving to be at least as effective as the best chemical-based ones, while also being much safer for household residents and pets.

A product of the hotel industry, where it was developed and used for years with great success for some of the most challenging bed bug problems to be found anywhere, the substance is now available at retail under the trade name Bed Bug Bully. One bed bug bully review that attracted attention recently pitted the product against some of the better-known competition in a series of tests, finding in the end that it was the best of all, despite also being far less toxic than the alternatives. While bed bugs will always be annoying, then, it seems likely the emergence of more powerful and convenient countermeasures like this one will make dealing with them less of an issue in the future.

Resilient and Determined, Bed Bugs Prove to Be Tough to Conquer