An El Nino is caused when the surface temperature of the Pacific Ocean warms significantly. When this happens, it can cause potentially severe weather events including tornadoes, heavy rain, and snow. Some areas that would normally have cold snowy winter months are often milder and experience more ice and rain, while areas that are dry can expect much more moisture. For homes in the Fort Worth area, this can mean flooding, saturated soils, and, unfortunately, foundation problems.

Long periods of excess moisture causes the soils to expand. This can lead to movement in a foundation, particularly if the soil underneath the home is shallow and sitting on clay. Even a foundation that survives the rainy season may suffer when the soil dries and contracts again, causing additional shifting in the soil and to the home.

Homeowners need to take the concern seriously because a crack in a foundation could be a sign of impending problems. Houses on unstable bases can suffer cracks in the walls, sloping of the floors, and problems with doors and windows operating correctly. If damage continues to worsen, the entire foundation may need to be replaced. A better solution is to have an inspection performed and any repairs completed early, before they can create any damage in the home.

Reputable Fort Worth foundation repair takes into account the difficult, rocky soil in the area. They tailor their services to this soil rather than just using a basic approach that may work elsewhere in the state, but not necessarily in Fort Worth. By inspecting not just the home, but the entire yard surrounding it, they can make repairs that will prevent future concerns. This can include addressing drainage around the home, removing invasive tree roots, or resolving structural issues with the foundation itself.

This type of service will keep homes safe during any type of weather system and repair any existing damage. Even if no damage is found during the inspection, they can still recommend changes that can prevent any future worries. Do not wait until a problem is evident before finding out the condition of a foundation. Save money and time, and protect the integrity of the home, by addressing the issue now. Contact a repair service for a comprehensive inspection.

Reputable Fort Worth Foundation Repair: Preventing Damage During Wet Weather