Summer is here, which means that along with the fun and the sun comes a responsibility to not only children, but our pets and ourselves as well. You need to be sure and keep mosquitoes from invading your yard and your home, not only because they are aggravating pests, but also because they are known to carry deadly diseases. The first thing you need to do is purchase a few of the retractable fly screens Queensland, to cover your windows and keep all kinds of pest from entering. However, that is not enough to keep your family safe, it is just a start. Below you will find three things that you need to know about mosquitoes to keep your family safe and happy this summer.

Eliminate Standing Water

Stagnated water is a magnet to colonies of mosquitoes; it can cause diseases all on its own as well. If you have standing water anywhere around the outside of your home, you need to eliminate it right away. Standing water includes the water in children’s toys and sandboxes, wagons, outside water faucets that have water collecting underneath them, dog bowls, and on flat roofs and in gutters. If you have old tires lying around or even have a tire swing, water will build up in them. Drill holes in the bottom, so that the water runs out onto the ground and evaporates.

Remove Tarps from Yards

If you have tarps that are stretched across boats, flower gardens or woodpiles, you will want to make sure that they are taunt and tight. If they aren’t, they will collect rainwater and draw mosquitos quickly. Either stretch the tarps the right way or remove them completely to reduce the colonies of mosquitos that invade your yard. They will eventually invade your home as well, so these steps are very important.

Remove Unwanted Items

You need to toss items that you know longer use, as they draw mosquitos. Toys that have been sitting a long time and leaves, firewood, and clippings from your yard can quickly become breeding grounds for unwanted insects.

Keeping mosquitoes out of your yard this summer may seem like a chore. However, following the tips above will ensure the safety and comfort of your family. From removing tarps to installing fly screens, you can be sure that your family has fun in the sun the right way.

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