U.K. residents often add space to their homes by converting unused attics into functional rooms. The process, known as loft conversion, is not new, but london loft conversions have become especially trendy in recent years. Some of the reasons for this popularity include:

RELIABLE CONTRACTORS: U.K. contractors have offering conversion services for more than thirty years, and they have a lot of experience. Skilled professionals can offer expert estimates, designs, and efficient work processes for a wide variety of conversion options.

INCREASED HOME FUNCTION: Loft conversions add instant space and function to homes, which makes property more valuable. Skilled technicians often turn attic space into one or more bedrooms and a bathroom. They create gyms, playrooms, studies, meditation rooms, and more. Because converted lofts are located at the top of homes, they can provide beautiful views and lots of light.

CHOICES: There are a number of conversions that can add space to homes. Dormer and L-shaped dormers increase vertical space, and provide extra headroom. Velux conversions simply add rooflights, and do not alter attics’ structures. Conversions with full back additions create new rooms in the original spaces and extend them over back additions. Pod rooms are extensions built over half of back additions, and are commonly added to previous conversions. Roof terraces can be added to many spaces, to provide outdoor space. These are popular among those who own small or dark flats.

EFFICIENCY: Homeowners typically rely on experienced professionals to convert attic spaces. These experts can quickly evaluate properties and advise customers of their options. They will consider regulations, space requirements, and clients’ needs. Professional project managers oversee jobs, which are often completed without major disturbances to clients’ lifestyles. Conversion experts also offer accurate cost and time estimates. Customers work with teams that include designers, architects, support personnel, and more.

Loft conversions are very popular in the U.K., because they can quickly add usable space to homes, which increase property values. In addition, clients have easy access to experienced contractors who can offer them a variety of conversion options. These professionals provide accurate estimates, work around homeowners’ needs, and provide a team of experts who coordinate every phase of the work.

Reasons for the Rising Popularity of London Loft Conversions