There are countless scented candles on the market to choose from. An array of fragrances, sizes and types can make it confusing to choose the right candle for yourself or as a gift. Consider the qualities to look for in a scented candle to ensure total satisfaction.

Even Burning

An even burning scented candle lasts longer and minimizes the frustration associated with lighting a candle that has burned on an angle. The wick is available to light and the candle continues to burn evenly to the bottom. This helps people get the most out of each candle being burned. Self-trimming wicks make it possible to use a candle several times without worrying the wick will be completely lost.

Natural Fragrance

Often a cheap candle has a fake scent that can give the user a headache or simply spread an unpleasant odor around the room. A naturally inspired fragrance provides hours of pleasure. It fills the room with a warm scent people appreciate, such as lemongrass, fresh linen or olive blossom. Premium fragrance oils linger in the room and make it smell wonderful for hours after the candle is burned.

Soy is Clean

Soy candles burn in a clean way to avoid the smoky, irritating odor that can occur when a candle burns down. Naturally-based soy candles burn cleaner and tend to last longer, which makes the most of your investment in a beautiful candle. These candles are also lead-free to reduce possible irritation, especially in sensitive people such as children and seniors. Everyone in the family will appreciate when you choose a soy candle to display in your home or give as a gift.

Beautiful Candles

A lovely candle in a glass enclosure makes it possible for recipients to use it right away. They do not have to look around for a candle holder or find a way to burn the candle without causing heat damage to household surfaces. A glass-enclosed candle makes an ideal gift for holidays, birthdays or any special occasion.

Candles with these qualities are sure to light up any home and add a touch of class wherever they are proudly displayed.

Qualities to Look for in Scented Candles