When a child comes to you and says they want to learn how to sew, you may wonder how long this new hobby will last. This is an understandable concern as children love to try new things, but often don’t stick with them. That’s the whole purpose of childhood, exploring new activities and interests to see which ones endure. When it comes to sewing, however, this leaves many parents in a bind. Should you purchase a toy machine or invest in a real sewing machine? How do you go about comparing sewing machines for kids?

The first thing parents realize when they purchase a toy sewing machine for kids is the stitches are very limited. Often, the machine is only capable of doing one stitch, and not one frequently used in sewing, quilting and other activities which may have captured the child’s interest. Another drawback of purchasing a toy machine is they don’t typically hold up to heavy use. If the child discovers he or she has a real passion for sewing, the machine may only last for a short period of time. For this reason, it’s best to invest in a basic sewing machine, one that won’t decimate your budget, but will give the child a device he or she can use for many years in the future.

One thing to remember when purchasing a sewing machine for a child is that you don’t want to overwhelm or frustrate them. Look for one that offers a variety of stitches, yet doesn’t offer too many. Beginner sewing machines typically come with anywhere from eight to 25 stitches so this is what you should be looking for. Any more than 25 and the child may feel he or she has to invest too much time learning which to use when and give up.

A sewing machine for a child should have a built in buttonhole feature. Buttonholes aggravate even the most experienced of sewers at times, and most say they rely on the feature for every project. When a child learns to do buttonholes using the built-in feature, they can then move on to doing them manually if they so desire.

These are just a few of the things to look for and consider when buying a sewing machine for a child. There are many others. Choose wisely and your child may have a new hobby, one that lasts a lifetime.

Purchasing a Sewing Machine for a Child