One of the most troublesome problems for any home or business owner to deal with is pests. Of course, this general term doesn’t tell you much because there are so many different types of pest problems around. For instance, rats and mice can be a real nuisance, but insects like roaches, fleas or even the common ant can plague your home or business. Unfortunately, there is no single remedy for all of these pest problems and each requires unique measures to eliminate or control them. Consider the rodents. Most rats and mice live deep within the walls or under the floors. You can usually kill some of them with traps, but this doesn’t remove those that are still hiding in the walls. Using baits may kill the nest, but it could leave a lot of dead creatures laying around.

Another reason that people need help from a pest control Charlotte NC expert is termites. Termites are an odd insect that was once believed to be a member of the ant species. It has later been determined that the termite is actually a variety of cockroach that has specialized in a specific type of food. Surprisingly, the termite actually serves a useful function in nature. They handle the breakdown and consumption of cellulose from plants. In most cases this is the dead trees and leaves that cover the forest floors. Of course, this material would eventually rot, but termites provide a more efficient removal system. Sadly, the termites don’t recognize the difference between dead trees and the wood which makes up the typical home. When these insects invade your home or business it is time for some serious pest control.

Proper pest control is critical in almost all pest related problems. In certain cases the specific pest you are treating for may simply leave the area and wait till your treatment solution has disappeared before returning. This is especially true when treating apartments or businesses with shared walls. In these instances the professional pest control will need to handle the application of pesticides in a specific manner. The skill lies in treating the area so the pest in question doesn’t have a chance to leave or hide away. When an untrained person attempts to apply pesticides they tend to spray the affected areas first which simply allows the pest to run and hide.

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