Many people pay a large sum to have their floors cleaned by a professional on a regular basis. You will see incredible results, but will pay a huge price for this type of service. Many people are searching for a way to get this professional level of cleaning from their own machine. There is now a way to do just that. The Shark Sonic Duo is just the machine that can help you to accomplish this. This machine costs about the same amount that you would pay a professional for one cleaning and it is very powerful. It can clean all types of flooring from hardwoods to carpeting and it has a lot of great accessories. You can click to read more about them.

The Shark Sonic Duo uses different cleaning solutions for different types of flooring. The solutions are squirted onto a pad and then the floors are scrubbed with it. It provides 1000 scrubs per minute and offers an incredible cleaning power. Many people love the fact that the cleaning solutions and the pads are color coordinated to avoid making any mistakes. This is very helpful and makes clean up very easy. The machines itself is easy to maneuver and is light weight. It weighs 9 pounds and is very quick and easy to assemble.

The price of this machine and accessories is quite affordable. One can easily purchase one at a major retail store or you can also choose to place an order online at a site such as Amazon. You can expect to pay between $160-250 for it depending on where you purchase it and what accessories come with it. It is great for those who have different flooring types in their home and it is perfect for those who are pet owners.

If you love the professional cleaning, but hate the high costs, this machine will be perfect for you. It is very affordable and you will get incredible results. Your floors will look amazing and you will know that they are truly clean. These machines are great for those with small children who love to crawl and play on the floor. You will feel confident that your floors are sparkling clean.

Professional Cleaning From Your Own Machine