If you are struggling to find that perfect personalized gift for the one you love, you should consider giving them the gift of transferring one of their special photos to canvas. You can take a special photo that means a lot to the one you love, and transfer that photo into a canvas photo painting. You can put a single image on a single canvas, or you can put a single image on multiple canvases. You can even make a collage of pictures on canvas. There are many special occasions in life that would make a great photo canvas.


If you just went on a memorable vacation, a photo from your vacation would make a great photo canvas gift. Go through the pictures from your vacation, and pick out one that is especially significant. You can choose a scenery photo and split it up on multiple canvases, or you can take a picture of you guys on your vacation, and blow it up, so you can remember all the fun you had together. If it has been a while since your last vacation, this idea still works. Take a memorable photo from a past vacation, and turn it into a beautiful piece of artwork.

Big Event

Did you just get married? Did you just have a child? Did your children just get married or have children? All of these are life changing events. Take a photo from one of these special events, and have it turned into a piece of artwork. Whenever you look at the photo, you will remember this very special time in your life. Choose a photo that captures the emotion and feeling of the event in everyone’s faces.

Favorite Thing

The photo you choose to turn into a canvas piece of artwork for your loved one does not have to be from a vacation or from a life changing event. It could be a photo of a their favorite flower, or it could be a picture of a backyard sunset. Perhaps you could use a picture you happened to take together on some random day.

If you want to give the person you love a special and personalized gift, take a photo that means something to both of you. It can be from a vacation, a big event in your lives, or an everyday photo that captures something special. Whatever you choose, it will be special.

Personalized Gift Idea: Photos To Canvas